The expanded way of leadership in SALES is more important than ever. 

At the beginning of the year, we discussed the effects of digital transformation in sales at the accuo Sales Coach Alumni Meeting. Nothing is more important today than the CORONA topic. What impact does this have on the entire value chain in the company? Sales management of numbers and sales leadership takes a back seat. Sales coach competencies are required to accompany people emotionally and in crisis.
Our sales coach approach combines elements of top sport with the economy. There are more crises in sport than in business. The athlete not only trains his body, but also his mental strength. It is this mental strength and resilience that people need in times of crisis. Now be the coach of your team. Now it is not a matter of hard selling, but of emotional intelligence to retain customers and to contact new customers for the start of the economy in the coming months.
In the five-module training to become a certified accuo SALES COACH, you will learn how you can constantly stimulate individuals and teams to achieve top performance. You create a lasting impact by implementing the Sales Coach method in the company.
You go through your own coaching process and start coaching and developing your team during your training.
The accuo SALES COACH training was awarded with the European price for training, advice and coaching by the BDVT e.V.


Sales executives often wear multiple hats, that of the best seller and that of the human resource developer. Often the role of head of the agency or the like then comes. In addition, all administrative tasks that minimize the active sales time and the lead time.

The general conditions in sales / distribution are still in a storm and there will be no return to the old times. The consequences of the demographic change with aging employees or the increasing competitive pressure in the crowding market must be countered by highly qualified and above all proactive employees.

The activation of employees, to develop their performance potential independently and permanently and to develop employees from reactive sellers to powerful, proactive sellers is the main task of personnel development in every media company. Often it is necessary to solve negative self-programming “it doesn’t work … we always did it … it definitely won’t work” before starting a development process.

In this compact qualification, you will get to know all the skills and tools that enable you to activate your sales team through individual, stimulating sales coaching measures.


Are you an entrepreneur or manager in sales and want to motivate your employees to achieve top performance? You lead a strong team, achieve good results, but always face the following questions:

  • How can I increase the market potential with the existing employees?
  • How can my employees become more flexible and creative in thinking and acting?
  • How do I develop a high performance team?
  • How do office and field staff work better together?
  • How do my employees become new customer hunters?
  • How do my employees become price stable?
  • Act instead of react! Can it be that hard?


  • You refresh all techniques yourself and perfect your competence profile. You will find out for yourself which phases a coachee will experience in the process.
  • So you have all the tools and techniques to be able to sustainably develop top performance. Your team performs excellently.
  • They reflect on their own behavior as a coach and can thus further develop their professionalism.
  • They successfully introduce stimulative sales coaching as a method and philosophy in their company.
  • You will learn the latest tools and techniques for mindshift and effectiveness – stimulative sales coaching, the advanced way of leadership in sales
  • Through the crossover to competitive sports, you will learn about success parameters that you and your team can implement immediately.

Target groups

  • Internal sales trainers who want and should do more sales coaching
  • Sales / sales executives (office and field staff)
  • Young executives with team leader experience and potential analysis
  • Experienced key account managers
  • Branch manager / branch manager
  • Top salespeople who want to take on leadership tasks in personnel development from colleagues
  • Sales trainers who want to expand their toolbox Commercial agent (according to HGB § 84)


You should have the following requirements for the sales coach training:

  • At least three years of professional experience as a manager in sales / sales organizations or an interview with the training coach Dirk Scheffer
  • Completed vocational training or several years of sales experience and constant target achievement of over 100 percent
  • You have the absolute will to want to introduce the stimulation sales coach method in your sales team and company
  • You are an internal trainer and now want to work more as a sales coach


Between the modules, all participants have the option of Training Transfer Coaching, which ensures that all learning topics are implemented quickly and, above all, sustainably.

Certified accuo sales coach

15 days (5 x 2.5 day modules)

Place of training

€ 7,500 plus VAT and plus conference flat rate, travel and accommodation costs on your own


“In 2011, I completed the accuo Sales Coach training, at that time as a member of the overall advertising management of TAGESSPIEGEL. The training significantly broadened the perspective on the various perspectives of sales management. I used the knowledge in the area of ​​personnel management and sales management and was surprised by the feedback from the employees and the results. Today, as managing director of FUNKE Dialog GmbH, I continue to use the stimulation sales coach method and I am amazed at how sustainably I can achieve success with managers, employees and with my team. ” Robert Burghardt, managing director of FUNKE Dialog GmbH

“The qualification as a sales coach with Dirk Scheffer is based on the conviction to develop methods and tools that can be used in an inter-communicative way. As with chess, coaching is the ability to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and to anticipate the upcoming reactions. The goal alone differs in that both are the winners. ” Bernd Maywald, Commercial Director DINAMIX Media GmbH

“Why I chose the Sales Coach training at the time: My main driver was to expand and improve my sales staff leadership and discussion skills. From this point of view, I mainly use sales coaching for sales employees. ” Andreas Grunig, advertising manager newspaper publisher Der Patriot GmbH

“As a sales director, I felt that I didn’t have enough tools to support my colleagues in their development. I wanted to try the coaching approach, but was not sure how to combine it with the sales activity. That’s why I was looking for special sales coaching training. I found this with the accuo Sales Coaching training. The synopsis and the first interview with Dirk Scheffer convinced me. Today I am sure that it is the right training for me. I am currently using several tools, especially for individuals. I can analyze the causes in more detail and can use the questioning techniques I have learned to activate the employees themselves to come up with the solution. I have also recently been trying to win the middle management level as a team coach in order to create high-performance teams with you, in which everyone acts across all departments. The successes are shown in the will of several employees to gain new behavior and also in an easier implementation of corrections in the daily routine and last but not least in the sales development. ” Héctor Martinez, Sales Director Egentic GmbH


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