From a product to a standard device in sports plus market scaling in all sports, schools, business and sponsorship from Dirk Scheffer

On October 31, 2017 I watched the show “The Lion’s Den” and saw for the first time the start up Rasenreich with its Corpus balls. From the first second I was thrilled and saw the potential to make this innovative sports device usable far beyond sport. I was lucky that Rasenreich couldn’t win a lion on the show. I was able to convince a lion to get into a start top without the DHDL program. I did not hesitate like the other lions, but immediately started talking to Johannes and Nick. It quickly became clear to us that we would fit together, so I became a partner of Rasenreich GmbH in Vienna a year later in November 2018. In 2019 we broadened our base by offering a method for the product. And not only in football, but also in other sports, in schools and in companies. Ultimately, the Corpus Method is also available to sponsors who want to sustainably support football clubs and who themselves want to benefit from the emotion of football for their employer brand. Here I give some insights into what my coaching did for a start-up.


CORPUS was developed by Rasenreich to give modern football training an instrument that quickly and effectively improves all aspects of ball treatment, stimulates new stimuli and adds variety and fun to training.

The Corpus I + II corpus balls are as heavy as a soccer ball, they are as big as a soccer ball (FIFA 4 + 5), they are processed like a soccer ball and feel like a soccer ball on the foot, but they are not soccer balls. The difficult to predict roll and jump behavior of the CORPUS forces the player to move differently than previously assumed. The CORPUS is an innovative training device with which the ability to react, the coordination and the concentration is improved. The drastically increased level of difficulty also increases the indicators of stress for the player. This makes it easier for the trainer to see where there are deficits than in normal training. The corpus can be used immediately in all exercise and game forms. The method is so ingeniously simple: Round Ball – Corpus I (II) – Round Ball. The effectiveness has now been proven by a scientific study.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Fundacion Realmadrid Clinic, around 15,000 young talents are trained with the Corpus in 300 one-week camps. Through the official partnership with the Bavarian Football Association BFV and the sports school in Oberhaching, we have become an integral part of coaching and further training. From amateur clubs to national teams, over 100,000 athletes are already using the corpus.


The movement behavior of children and adolescents has changed dramatically. As children we had a radius of 6 km a day, today it is 600 m. Responsiveness, coordination and ability to concentrate are different. The previous sports equipment cannot compensate for these differences. The factor of fun in sport is often only given to those who are successful. Who does not know the situation that the “good guys” were always chosen first in the team election.

Corpus equalizes the skills of all players. The corpus is even used in inclusion classes. The Corpus brings fun to everyone in physical education. The subject of Fairtrade and FairPlay has even been visualized with the corpus in specialist classes. And because of the unusual shape, memories of the learning material are better internalized. The students and teachers are enthusiastic about the uses of corpus in school.

Schools include all types of schools and training facilities. Wherever there are sports halls, even at the police and in barracks, the corpus can be used, whether for training or just for fun. The corpus thus offers added value.


I often use football symbolism in my seminars and workshops. I convey the emotion of football through training in football stadiums and activate the participants. I show the parallelism and the differences between competitive soccer and business. Round football stands for what is going well in the company. The corpus stands for what doesn’t run smoothly. The topic is often cognitive dissonance. “That can’t work at all …” Do you know the situation where employees and executives say that is not possible or that we have never done before? I experience this again and again in a wide variety of industries and subject areas. Thanks to the trainer input, the participants are able to play the corpus just as goal-oriented as the round football after 2-3 minutes. The participants then realize that the impossible is possible. Ultimately, executives then use the method in their day-to-day management, with the corpus lying on the conference table as a ritual for making things possible, thus creating a lasting effect.

I am particularly pleased that I was able to win a European training award for training, consulting and coaching for the use of the corpus method in a global sales management, leadership, and coaching program.


Companies invest a lot in the training and further education of their employees and managers. In addition, many companies are desperately looking for employees and they book large employer image campaigns to spread the attractiveness and awareness of employers. Often, the ability to make one’s own brand emotional is missing. The sports sponsorship in medium-sized businesses as well as in the local and regional clubs is not very pronounced. The sponsorship often includes only individual campaigns such as jersey sponsorship, gang advertising or an advertisement in the club magazine.

We have developed a sponsorship concept that offers added value for clubs, spectators and companies. Because one thing is clear, the companies want active and efficient employees and managers. The players, referees and trainers are the employees, junior managers and managers who have already internalized a great many values ​​that companies are so urgently looking for. Team spirit, wanting to win, willingness to go the last mile and social behavior are just some of the values ​​that are lived in sports clubs. Last but not least, the spectators are also happy about successful teams. And the more you trained with the corpus method, the faster the players are. And speed of action is an important success factor nowadays, which decides between victory and defeat.


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