Media Sale is out – Target Group Marketing is in
The revolution in the media industry by Dirk Scheffer


The media industry has been doing well for decades. Some media houses are still doing too well today. And the obedience to the classic management consultancy that misleads publishers, board members and managing directors with the same PowerPoint presentations is incredible.

For 20 years now I have been working as a trainer, coach and consultant in the media industry and for advertisers alike. The obedience to slipping around only to existing customers with the same support patterns has become unbearable. Innovative agency models are quickly turned back. There is hardly any real innovation in times of digitalization.

The biggest mistake in the media industry is that hardly any media consultant or manager knows the business models of his customers. Without knowing the business models, advertisements are then sold or, at best, a campaign is developed that cannot be measured without target and actual values.

In addition, over 90% of the market is processed only in the existing stock. This is also propagated by classic management consultancies. The actual market potential, which can be presented transparently by media summary, for example, is in some cases over 50 percent.


Digitization only takes place in content

Over 40 million people buy products and services in Germany. I.e. You search, buy, pay and print out your invoice yourself. There is only one platform in Germany where almost all media types can be purchased online. This is the CROSSVERTISE media marketplace. Media companies are still moaning that the costs of running an advertisement are so high. Don’t do anything about it, however, processing with a white label solution is so easy. Imagine the cost savings only once: no invoicing, no invoice dispatch, no accounting for open items, no more filling of order bags.

What media companies have to understand is that media sales are out and that target group marketing at agency level is in.

Media companies, their managers and employees need a new basic understanding of their profession and the business models of customers.


Nowadays, executives don’t just have to be sales managers of numbers and sales leaders. They have to be sales coaches of their teams and stimulate top performances every day like in competitive sports. The development of the new sales manager profile with sales management, sales leadership and sales coaching as well as for the innovative SALES COACH Education, I have been awarded two European prizes for training, advice and coaching by BDVT e.V.


Employees must understand their customers’ business models and, as an external marketing professional, be able to provide measurable support for the advertiser on his way to his advertising goal and company goal. Training this is our strength. For this we were also awarded two European prizes for training, advice and coaching by the BDVT e.V.


The future arises where knowledge is networked and has an impact. The future arises when data is used to gain insights, decisions and actions are carried out in a targeted and measurable manner. Artificial intelligence is required to use human resources where they are needed. With emotional intelligence, intuition and creativity, people can develop solutions for customers that until now no artificial intelligence has been able to create.


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