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Art is a diverse business. Artists live for their art and only a few artists can live well on their art. Gallery owners are the link between artists and art lovers. It is also true here that not all gallery owners can make a good living from art. With Art lovers, whether an object is bought with passion, whether the apartment or the house is furnished with art or is already fully equipped, wherever the passion for collecting begins, the motives are very different.


What does an ART SALES COACH do? There are fields of action for SALES COACHING in all three areas of artist, gallery owner and collector. The human being is at the center of my actions. Coaching is the individual care of the coachees with the help of self-help. Together we find out what the goal is and I coach my coachees to their goal. The goal is often to achieve financial independence. Achieving this means understanding and influencing ART BUSINESS. Here I can use my skills from ART | Use SALES | COACHING optimally.


Artists want to be able to live from their art. They deal with their creativity, ideas, material and work techniques and much more. The focus on the market and economic activity is often not developed. Anyone who finds a gallery owner who takes over this part of the marketing is lucky, but also pays 50% of the proceeds to the gallery owner. And as I said, you have to be lucky not only to find a gallery owner, but you also have to be a professional gallery owner who can create a market for an artist. Then the 50% commission is well and honestly earned.

Artists need to scale their good works, i.e. You need to increase the number of objects. There are enough art lovers who would like to buy art if they had easier access to it. Let’s take a simple example: an artist creates 50 works a year. Five works are extremely good and are easy to sell. 40 are in the middle of the field and rather difficult to sell, and five cannot be sold at all. Let’s stick to the 5-10 good to very good works. If they sell the originals they are gone and lost as another source of income. My recommendation is to scale the number of top objects.

1 : 205

In this way you create more art objects and increase the basis of your economic success.
Imagine that you created the originals in the size 50 x 70 cm. In the first step, the originals are carefully digitized using the best scanners in the world. I have to emphasize this in particular, since the quality requirements here cannot be high enough. I am happy to name my cooperation partners.
Once digitization has been completed, the first test prints are made, here it can be determined whether the vividness of the color, etc. meets the artist’s demands.
The scaling is now carried out over three sizes and two versions. I have developed the sizes Lounge Size, Studio Size and Loft Size especially for the international art market, which are all signed, numbered and dated. The two versions are the printed edition in runs of 100, 50, 25 and 10 artist copies each.

Lounge size   50 x 70 cm | 19.68 x 27.55 inch
Studio size 110 x 154 cm | 43.30 x 60.63 inch
Loft size     150 x 210 cm | 59.05 x 82.67 inch

An art object then scales 30 objects in 10 artist’s copies per size, plus 100 objects lounge size, 50 objects studio size and 25 objects loft size. The artist has a total of 206 objects.

This number alone shows that the added value from an art object can be increased more than 200 times. In addition, depending on the choice of motif, there are many other ways to increase scaling many times over. Please feel free to contact me as an artist.

Gallery owners

Gallerists want to make the objects of their desire available to those interested in art and have an economic success themselves. By marketing scalable objects, the gallery owner increases his revenue potential. The more art lovers come into contact with the art of an artist, the higher will be the demand and the prices for the originals. For this, gallery owners also need a good marketing strategy that will make their gallery, but also more and more their own online shop, more successful. The field of marketing is our support offer for the economic success of gallery owners. As a gallery owner, please contact me.

Art lover



Art is not easy to acquire for everyone. The gallery owners often have an unapproachable aura. People find it difficult to go to a gallery and get advice. Access to art through to collecting art often happens due to different motives and environmental factors. Is art a status symbol and do I have to adorn myself with art as a successful athlete or entrepreneur? Or is art what arises in the eye and heart of the beholder? These are just two questions that I discuss with my coachees when it comes to art. For many people, art is an unconscious area of ​​their own personality. Researching and living this out does not mean becoming an artist yourself, but dealing with the beautiful and inspiring. And last but not least, art can also be a modern form of investment and enjoyment of art at the same time. If you are interested in art, please contact me.


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